Nigerian Woman Returns N13.94 Million Wrongly Sent To Her And Got This As Reward (Photo)

The state Governor for Enugu in Nigeria, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, gave a 1million Naira cash reward to one Josephine Chuwujama-Eze for returning N13.94 million mistakenly sent to her.

Mrs. Chuwujama-Eze, a teacher in Enugu State Nigeria, reportedly refunded money that was wrongly paid into her bank account. For her good deed, the state governor rewarded her with some cash price.

Speaking after a brief meeting with Mrs. Chuwujama-Eze, Ms Nnaji applauded the act and stressed that “this is the kind of culture we are inculcating in all our women, men, young boys and girls”.

“What we are witnessing today is heartwarming and thought provoking. It is something memorable and substantial. This is a woman, Mrs. Josephine Chukwujama-Eze, who to the greatest chagrin of so many people had the sum of N13,946,400.00, mistakenly credited to her bank account. And immediately she saw it, she quickly alerted her husband and they went to the bank and returned the money to the rightful owner.

“We all know that times are hard these days, especially with the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic. It is not that she is very comfortable; she is a teacher in a mission school and look at what she has done. This is a real character and Enugu State Government wants to appreciate her for what she has done. His Excellency, Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has directed that she should be rewarded with the sum of one million naira,” Ms Nnaji said.

Mrs. Chukwujama-Eze thanked the governor and said she was just being her normal self and never saw that what she did will get her such attention.