From a Facebook reader

Please let me just ask straight, is daddy suffering from a late mid-life crisis? The kind of costumes the oga has been coming out with, you will begin to wonder if he is a badly cast sidekick in a poorly written movie. Mbok come and see that jeans that is trending on social media complete with shredded opening and sweet moccasins and long chain like a defunct nightclub owner. This made me look up all previous costumes, my favourite being the one that made him look like crocodile Dundee complete with camouflage boots and undies o.

I just love the swag and the panache as he moves with the military walking stick that he flaunts at times. This daddy ‘no send’ o once he has decided the look for the day, he will just comb out his moustache and pour powder, the rest na political fashion history. I really look forward to his ‘baffs’.

He reminds me most time of the late legendary comedian John Chukwu. Obiano is a real character. Makes me laugh a lot which is a real good thing. But wait o, see as fear make me change the outlook of this posting. As I dey yab the baba, I just see myself in chains, with shaved head with my testicles scrambled na him I start to hail the man as a fashion miracle. My fingers disconnect with my brain, kai cowardice in political commentary come do me quick. Baba don’t mind me o, while you are still at it, kindly consider the Kunta kunte look. If you no know, please tell one of your aides to Google am and you will see what Kunta wore in that movie. Let’s see that one the next time you are going to Aso Rock. I don run o.