Dear men, If She gives you any of these 4 things, then she's falling for you | A DAY INFO

Every man wants a woman that can fall deeply in love with them especially when they have made every effort to get her.

We have that ideology that most girls are difficult to get and we don't really know when they love you or are falling for us.

Well, here are 4 ways a lady could eventually show you that she's falling for you deeply.

1 Food.

There's a saying about the way to a man's heart is his stomach. This is true in most cases among African men. If you notice that she always brings food for you, perhaps at work or to your home. Then she has started developing feelings for you. Maybe, she comes to your home and prepare something for you without you asking. Just know that, she now has feelings for you. If she is giving you snacks, that's not part of it. I meant real food not junks. Well, some ladies do these out of care anyways.

2. Special nicknames.

If anytime she's around you, she calls you by a special sweet nickname; just know that she has started developing feelings for you. She may get fond of your company and be free with you and as such this may result in her giving you pet names.

3. Distance.

Yeah, I know what you are thinking but that's not it at all. If a lady likes you, she would distance herself from you sometimes. Don't panic as this is a strategy of hers. She may not like it when people would call her your man when you haven't asked her out yet. Now, you get this strategy right. Clever and smart move.

4. Time.

In as much as she is very busy or has a tight schedule, she tends to find time to hang out with you. When you notice this everytime, take note that she is gradually falling for you. Strike your next move by asking her out.