I can forgive everybody including satan but I will never forgive Yoruba media - A Day Info

Below is the full tweets

# Don’t take my word for it, take the words of the Governor of Benue State, I’m going to touch his voice now so you can hear what he said. I love Jesus and I am proud to say so.

# Facebook does not understand what we are saying, all they appreciate is that we live together as one Nigeria.

# Have you ever seen a Fulani man come out to condemn the killings of the Fulani man?

# Look what is happening in Yorubaland, everyone has mobilized at the same time to support the young man who is fighting the Fulani.

# I want the world to discern the obstacles and obstacles that IPOB has to endure to get to where we are today

# IGBO are the only people on this earth who will reject their identity

# We have suffered, the pain is unbearable, Igbo is a very very stubborn race, getting to where we are today was never easy.

# The reason our Yoruba brothers attacked us before is that they never had a Nnamdi Kanu in the west.

# But as soon as they got their own Nnamdi Kanu, they started supporting him.

# As soon as Biafra arrives, some of you will move on and mine will continue until Nigeria ceases to exist.

# I told them the Fulani is coming and they said that I am a warmonger, and today they are here.

# I want to play the voice of a Nigerian governor, so that you meet the person responsible for the chaos in Nigeria.

# Ortom said that Miyethi Allah must be arrested, the same Miyethi Allah who is working with Obiano in Anambra.

# You have a gang of terrorists like the presidential presidency, this is what a governor is telling you who has the privilege of having some intelligence.

# Fulani, even if they are murdering you, they band together to protect one of them.

# But for you, you will always deny yourself, it is called self-hatred.

# A whole president of the ZOO will come out and defend the murderers, but you, out of your jealousy, will never defend those who defend and fight for you.

# I can forgive everyone, including satan, but I will never forgive the Yoruba media.

# I ask Facebook and all these intellectuals, someone is on your farm raping your mother, how do I prevent him from raping my mother on the farm? Please answer me, how do I defend myself? What do you expect me to do?

# It is Great Britain that is defending and protecting the Fulani, that day they came to my house to kill me and they failed, that’s when they knew that the game was over.

# Fulani moving cattle from one place to another like crazy unhinged, these are the people you gave your nation to run for you

# A boy was shot and killed yesterday when he was returning from school, did the Yoruba media cover it?

# Shake Gumi went to the bushes to visit the killer bandits, the bandits, they entered the meeting with their AK47.

# Some of the bandits even came to the meeting with their Ak47, can you imagine?

# Let me make this very clear tonight, every northern Biafra better come home! ! ! Anything that happens to you is your problem if you stay in the north they will kill you.

# They take your crude to Equatorial Guinea and other countries, they fine-tune it there and bring it to you, tell me any country that is more idiotic than the ZOO.