Lady cries out over this new method of red oil processing - A Day Info

 Palm oil is one of the most important foods needed in every kitchen.

It is certainly a source of income for many people in our country, Nigeria and West Africa in general.

It is an oil that is extracted naturally from the fruits of the palm. While vegetable oil is also important, palm oil is the most necessary in cooking.

But have you seen where and how it is processed?

Of course we know of many oil mills and we have all seen them process the oil.

Look at the photos below, are you familiar with this oil processing method?

They have been featured on the internet for so long, but a lady reposted them on Facebook hours ago asking if this is the method they are using to get people to buy red oil from the market.

The methods of processing and making palm oil in different parts of southern Nigeria are different, in fact the most popular known to all families is the method by which the palm kernel is boiled in very hot water and then crush the seed in a mortar.

Oil mills offer the fastest and easiest way to process large quantities of palm oil.

This method published by the lady is very primitive and is still preferable to many people in many localities in Africa.

Many oil mills have machines that extract the oil from the seed, but many people would also go the extra mile to manually extract more oil from the straw. Meanwhile, this method seen in these pictures is really unsanitary.

No matter what your reasons are for using this method, it is still very strange and unsanitary.

However, it is actually an old and primitive method, but sometimes many people prefer the old methods to the new ones and that is why we must be careful about the things we buy in the market.