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 The founder of Mountain of Holy Ghost Intervention and Deliverance Ministry, Onitsha, Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere, alias Odumeje ‘The Lion’, says “a serious battle is coming” to Nigeria.

In a video published on Thursday on Holyghost Intervention TV, Odumeje released a new Prophecy to Nigeria.

Prophet Odumeje Releases New Terrifying Prophecy About Nigeria (Video)

“Nigeria, your problem is because you don’t listen to the prophets,” Odumeje said.

“That is your problem.

“A nation cannot stand without a prophet.

“And you joke with the words of the prophets.

“And that is what spoils a nation.

“I have never joked in my life.

“I smile, but my smiling is too dangerous.

“And no one speaks against me go free.

“I don’t fight you. I will never talk to you – no matter how you insulted me [sic].

“Why? Because I’m a dead man.

“Let us do the right thing. If not, there will never be peace.”

He continued, “I’m seeing where nobody go to Lagos, nobody go to North side [sic], nobody come to East.

“I saw everywhere. And people is on their own. Soldiers everywhere.

“And that is not a development [sic].

“A serious battle is coming.

“I don’t speaks anyhow [sic], until God tell me to start to speak.

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