Tears Flow as newly wedded couple killed in a city hotel while on honeymoon buried

 It was an emotional Monday afternoon when a newly married couple killed over the weekend was buried. The two lovebirds were in a city hotel enjoying nice moments to mark their honeymoon, only for their lives to be cut short by ruthless gunmen.

According to media reports, the couple, Fahad and Farhio had just checked in to a city hotel in Mogadishu before armed terrorists stormed the same hotel, wreaked havoc and ended several lives.

Al-Shabaab terrorists over the weekend attacked a city hotel in Mogadishu, killing at least 10 people, among them former ex-defence minister, four police commandos among others.

It happened that among the killed civilians were a newly married couple who was enjoying their honeymoon.

"A newlywed couple has been killed in a siege at a hotel in Mogadishu that was stormed by al-Shabab gunmen. The couple -- Fahad and Farhio moved in together in hotel Afrik for having their honeymoon. At least 10 people were killed in Sunday's attack claimed by al-Shabab," read an update from Somalia.

Four terrorists were killed during the attack which lasted about nine hours. One terrorist was a suicide bomber who blew himself off before the other three gained entry into the hotel.

Fortunately, the three terrorists are neutralized by Somalia's special police unit who took less than 10 hours to restore to end the siege.