VIDEO: Anambra Police Arrest Ritualist for pounding children inside mortar | A Day Info

 Anambra based woman and  self acclaimed evanglist has been caught over carrying out ritual activities, Ads4naira News Report.

An old aged woman who is the evanglist of church ministry at Awka Road Onitsha was caught where she usually pounds children inside the mortar for rituals has been arrested by the Anambra police command.

Following the report,  from Ads4naira News, the woman lives in Federal housing estate 3.3 Onitsha, after several investigation many children was found in her house, some children whom there families has declared missing, those children looks malnutrited.

Akwaugo 1 confirmed to Ads4naira News   that Anambra state police and other security operatives has arrested the woman and has taken these children to reunite with their families whom has been looking for them.

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