Bloody Protest As More Than 90 People Were Killed, President Buhari Speaks Again

Myanmar is currently under attack by the security forces due to the protest that happened recently, as over 90 people across that city experience one of the bloodiest days of protests since a military coup last month, according to Today. ng

It has revealed that the whole incident happened on Armed Forces Day, as Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, the junta leader, stated that during a parade in the capital Naypyitaw to mark the event that the military would protect the people and strive for democracy. Several broadcasts especially the state television revealed that the protesters risked being shot “in the head and back”.

A source revealed that 91 people were killed across the country by security forces, as a young boy who is just around five years old was killed alongside at least 29 people killed in Mandalay.

President Buhari Speaks Again

Nigeria President, Muhammad Buhari alongside the President of Chad, Marshal Idris Deby Itno talks bilaterally concerning the 30 million people that were adversely affected by a shrunken Lake Chad, as it has massive with just ten per cent of its original size. Meanwhile, President Itno was on a one-day official visit to Nigeria and the two leaders met at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, Nigeria.

It was revealed that President Muhammad Buhari stated that it is imperative that there be water transfer to Lake Chad from the Congo Basin so that the people can resume their normal lives again. 

Then, he also added that with inter-basin water transfer, farming, fishing, animal husbandry would resume, and curtail irregular migration of youths, who now dare the Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean Sea, to get into Europe, seeking greener pastures.