See what happened to this Lady who met a guy on Facebook then travelled from Lagos to Abuja to meet him - A Day Info

 A 25-year-old woman who was stranded in the Kubwa area of ​​Abuja received help from local people.

She recounted how she met the boy on Facebook on Valentine’s Day and promised to visit him in Abuja, Lagos state. He only got to Abuja to realize that the guy’s number had been disconnected. He continuously dialed the number and all efforts to locate him were unsuccessful.

Initially, the guy simply called D-Boy has promised the lady, Sandra, his transportation fee if he can get from Lagos to Abuja.

People have started criticizing the young woman for coming from Lagos to meet a man she rarely meets on Facebook, and advising other young women to learn from the story of 25-year-old Sandra.

some got married through Facebook and others are killed through Facebook, it’s all a matter of luck … even those who date the boy next door are also taking risks.